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You must agree to the following terms and conditions to use this website RentforeEvent.com - We may revise and update these terms and conditions from time to time and you are responsible for periodically reviewing the most current version on this website.

Visitors / Guests

All renting arrangements are to be made between the renter and the property owner via their contact details. When renting a property via the website either directly or indirectly you are entering into an agreement with the property owner and the terms set out by them. We will have no involvement and can not be held responsible for any renting arrangements made between you and any third party. Rental details, descriptions and images are supplied to us by advertisers, we can not be held responsibile for any inaccuracies in the information and images submitted to us. Some images may be scaled, sometimes disproportionately, to keep in consistency with the websites appearance.


By submiting the details of your property on the website directly or indirectly you agree to the following terms and conditions.

You agree that RentforeEvent, LLC can not be held liable for any damage, loss of property, theft or any incident which may occur from you advertising and/or renting your property via the website. We can not be held responsible for any renting arrangements made between you and any third party. You agree to post your details at your own risk and accept full responsibility for any situation or incident that may occur from posting your details on the website. Only submit images, text and information to us that you want publicized. We cannot be held responsible for other external parties copying and publishing any public content on the website including ad content and images. RentforeEvent, LLC can not guarantee the sale or lease of any property listed on the website. We can provide some advise on pricing but it is up to you the advertiser to decide on the final price. If you base your price or any other details on our advice and do not acheive the full asking price or do not rent your property we can not be held responsible. If you are unsure what price to advertise your property for you can choose to advertise it as "Please Call", "Best Offer","Negotiable", etc. Your listed price can be changed in real time on the website. Tracking the competition can be very helpful in setting the proper price.

Some events prohibit the sale and transaction of tickets. If you are offering tickets for a particular event it is your responsibility to ensure that your offer complies with any terms and conditions that are attached to the ticket(s) and/or put in place by the event organiser.

Advertisements must not include inappropriate content, all ads must be approved by management. Advertisements must include at least one photograph/image of the property being advertised. Advertising of competitive products and services must be submitted as a Business Advertisement. We reserve the right to refuse and/or remove any website links contained within a listing.

We do not guarantee a continuous and uninterrupted service. We reserve the right to terminate your advertisement and access to this website temporarily or permanently at any time without prior notice.

Customer support and communication is provided in English language only however some website content including user submitted ad text may be traslated into different languages using third party translation services.

If you do not agree to these terms we can not advertise your property. If at any time you want your property listing revised or removed please contact us. Full advertising fees apply to all listings advertised on the website for any amount of time up until their respective event date. Payments for advertising on the website can not be refunded. This does not affect your statutory rights.


There is no Exclusivity Agreement to sign. You may list your house with other services, agencies or on social networks.

Privacy Policy

All personal details submitted via the website or by email associated with the website are used by us solely in the operation and management of the website. When submitting your personal information and any text or image content for an advertisement you give us permission to display this information and content on the website.

To help promote and advertise your property/accommodation we may use the information relating to your property/accommodation on marketing and advertising material external to the website including but not limited to social networking websites such as facebook and twitter.

We do not use online email forms to help protect against scams, spam and other unsolicited emails. Only the personal information you submit will be posted on the website.

Personal information that is not required for advertising your property/accommodation will not be disclosed to any third party without full permission given by yourself. Personal information required for advertising your property/accommodation includes contact name, phone number, email address, location of your property/accommodation and any details included in your ad description and images. We may collect information about your visit to the site. We may use your personal information to contact you in relation to the site. We may access and/or disclose personal information to a) comply with taxation and government processes b) comply with law or legal processes c) protect and defend the rights of the company and the website.

Trademark Disclaimer

This website is owned and run by RentforeEvent,LLT. Our company and website are not associated with, affiliated with, sponsored by, endorsed by or connected in any way with any of the trademark owners mentioned on this website including: USGA, PGA and other registered trademarks.

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